From 1939 to 1980:

“It was in 1939 that we had the opportunity to get one of the first injection molding machines for plastics, imported from Germany by the Mohwinckel company. The injection capacity was 2 grams. The only injectable material: cellulose acetate.

Resumed the activity immediately after the war, attention was again drawn to the plastics sector. Over time, favored by a good inclination for the construction of molds, we dedicated ourselves exclusively to molding. It was an increasingly updated succession of machines: by hand, hydraulic and oil-pressure. New raw materials became available, making it possible for plastics to enter almost all industries. Other processing systems were born, including blow molding, a process that was then protected by a patent.

From the beginning, even in this field, we were at the forefront, making small containers with injection machines, until, in 1960, we equipped ourselves with the first blow molding machines. Technological development was rapid and today the realization of the most varied objects in blown plastic has found widespread use in various industrial applications.

Thanks to our constant and tenacious activity, today our Company, in addition to the advanced technology it possesses, can add the experience gained in all these years of work. "

The founder. 

From 1981 to today:

“With the same spirit of openness to new things, it has continued to this day.

We have thus reached the third generation: a passion passed down from father to son, gaining an experience that boasts 80 years of presence on the market in the world of plastic transformation.

For the needs of innovation and growth, in 2008 we moved to the new headquarters in Bornasco. The new plant, designed 'ad hoc', has allowed us to have an adequate structure available to grow and face the new challenges of the future. "

The C.E.O.
Piero Bergamaschi.