Thanks to its protruding handle useful for a comfortable grip for pouring as well as stability in overlapping and its shape suitable to resist even with light weights, the 10L Supertank AdBLue can is the ideal canister for containing and transporting AdBlue .

In order to facilitate the emptying operation, a flexible pourer with spout adapted to the filling hole of the AdBlue tank is supplied separately and unfolded.

The plastic material used, together with the profile of the bellows, makes the pourer easily roll-up and insertable in the side recess of the tank. The pourer, once extracted from the hollow of the tank, is easily connected onto the Din51 neck thanks to a truncated cone coupling that allows for pouring without leakage

Art. Capacity Dimensions Opening ONU Weight Pcs / pallet
Nom. Lt. Eff. Lt. B. mm H. mm Ø mm. Gr. n.
TN010ST00AD 10 10,40 184X222315 44 - 380 200

The technical data and features are expressed in mm. and liters, are indicative and do not engage the manufacturer.