The 60l EVO, round base drum produced by Bergamaschi BMS, has recently undergone a major restyling that has improved its performance making it even more versatile.

The main features of the 60l EVO are: The weight of the drum has been reduced by 200g as part of the process of containing the plastic released into the environment that Bergamaschi has been implementing for some time, obtaining an extremely economic advantage in terms of environmental contributions. such as Conai and Plastic Tax.

The head and bottom shapes have been designed in such a way as to have an optimal joint in the overlapping of the drums, increasing stability and stacking The inlet Din51 thread positioned on the external edge allows to optimize the emptying phase which is improved in terms of flow capacity and residual liquid. The completely smooth walls without raised edges allow to exploit the entire external surface during the labeling phase.

Art. Capacity Dimensions Inlet ONU Weight nr. pcs
B. mm H. mm Ø mm. Ø mm.   Gr. n.
FU060EV00Y 60 64 400564 44,5 29,5 1H1Y1,62200 36

The technical data and features are expressed in mm. and liters, are indicative and do not engage the manufacturer.