Born from a restyling of the previous type, the New Eurotank series satisfies the needs of containment of even dangerous liquids when economical and cartonable packaging is requested.

The 5L tank is available in two versions: standard 140gr and ADR approved 160gr. The basic colors are neutral and white, other colors are available on request.

In addition to the 5-liter version, the 4 and 3-liter versions are also available with the option of level display line (stripe).

The main features of the New Eurotank are:

  • An attractive look
  • The 35mm diameter cap placed below the level of the handle
  • The comfortable and spacious handle
  • A large labelable surface (135 x 180 mm)
  • The label- saving edge
  • The bottom with ribs which increases its resistance

Art. Capacity Dimensions Opening ONU Weight Pcs / pallet
Nom. Lt. Eff. Lt. B. mm H. mm Ø mm. Gr. n.
TN003EN 3 3,1 135X185 186 35 - 110 588
TN004EN 4 4,4 136X185 235 35 - 120 504
TN005EN 5 5,4 135X185 283 35 - 140 420
TN005ENY 5 5,4 135X185 283 35 3H1/Y1,4 160 420

The technical data and features are expressed in mm. and liters, are indicative and do not engage the manufacturer.


Degassing cap