The main features of Supertank are:

Its structure allows it to be perfectly positioned on pallets with standard sizes (800x1200 and 1000x1200).

Designed and built with a wide radius structure it is extremely resistant

Made of high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE-HMW), it finds application in every sector.

It can be used for the shipment of products considered dangerous by the UN legislation and in accordance with land (ADR-RID), sea (IMO-IMDG) and air (IATA-ICAO) transport regulations.

  • All Supertank sizes are equipped with a sealing cap.
  • The handle with protruding grip allows a comfortable grip and interlocking.
  • The upper reliefs and the handle, fitting into the bottom, offer excellent stability.
  • The back is equipped with level notches. In the colored versions, the level control can be facilitated by a transparent strip. (Only for Art. XC10)
  • The bottom of the rear part is equipped with an empty grip.
  • The side edges allow the application of the label safely.

Art. Capacity Dimensions Opening ONU Weight Pcs / pallet
Nom. Lt. Eff. Lt. B. mm H. mm Ø mm. Gr. n.
TN005ST 5 5,35 155X168 245 44 3H1/Y1.9 250 396
TN010ST 10 10,50 184X222 315 44 3H1/Y1.9 430 200
TN020ST 20 23 247X297 385 44 3H1/Y1.9 850 112
TN025ST 25 28,50 247X297 445 44 3H1/Y1.9 1050 96
Also available in non-UN version

The technical data and features are expressed in mm. and liters, are indicative and do not engage the manufacturer.


Standard color: black
On request, caps can be supplied colored and customized with serigraph printing or embossed logo.

Other available colors:
White / Red / Light blue / Light grey
Yellow / Green / Orange / Neutral

degassing cap
child proof cap
flexible spout
plastic keys