New recycled HDPE tank certification

ReMade in ltaly certification, which attests to the traceability of material flows in a production process, performs the function of proof on the content of recycled HDPE used and is accepted in tenders arranged by the Procurement Code and CAM.
The same certification is also useful for obtaining the tax credit provided for those who purchase products from the separate collection of plastic and, in anticipation, should also be expendable for exemption from the likely future Plastic Tax.
The certification states that our jerry cans are produced with 52 percent recovered material, but within a couple of months we expect to increase the percentage of traced recycled HDPE in use to 64 percent.
The canisters subject to certification, will be identified with a dedicated adhesive label affixed to each delivery pallet.
We believe that ReMade in ltaly certification is recognition of the long work done by Bergamaschi Blow Moulding Solutions’ R&D department in support of the environment and eco-sustainability, which will continue with the inclusion of new certified models in the coming months.
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